How To Prepare Your Boat For This Winter?

Do you have a boat? Then you know that preparing it for the winter is very important. If you want to sail first in the spring season, your boat needs to be safely stored during the winter season. Here are some tips on how to preserve it the best.

Clean Your Deck

When you are frequently using your boat, it starts looking like your living room. All the stuff is lying around the deck because you might use them at some point. Before the winter, you need to store all the things you wish to keep in a safe place and throw out everything else. Everything you decide to save should be under the deck, in a dry place. All the electronics that are attached and stay outside should be sprayed with protective film.

Keep Your Covers Safe

Before storing your boat, you need to take care of sails and covers. Despite the popular opinion that any cover is a good cover, you need to find the one that’s going to cover your boat and protect it. And it would be best if you made sure that the cover itself is safe. It cannot be wet when stored. You need to make sure it’s fully dry, or bring it to a place for drying, so it will not turn green until your next sailing season.

Check Your Rigging System

All the ropes that were lying around the deck during the sailing season should now be appropriately stored. If you plan to sail in the early spring, you will need to make sure no equipment is missing. This is why, like it’s the case with the covers, you need to verify that your ropes are dry and ready to be stored. If they remain wet, there is a chance to turn green and lose strength which can cause an accident when sailing.

Change Your Boats Oil

During winter, lots of rain and snow can cause rust and corrosion on the outside of your boat. At the same time, acid and water can cause corrosion inside the boat. In order to avoid corrosion inside your engine, you need to change the oil inside the engine and make sure to change the filters. This will prevent your boat from corroding on the inside. Another way to protect your engine is spraying fogging oil according to the manual. This way, it will be completely safe.

Take Care Of Your Steering System

In order to protect your steer from three months without use, you need to grease it. This way, you will not have any issues when the next steering season comes!

One Last Wash

Once everything is sorted, you need to clean your boat’s deck one last time. Make sure there is no dust or dirt left. Also, after you finish with the washing, you can give it one last wax. This way, you will be sure that your lovely boat will wait for you the same way you left it, and you will be ready to sail out immediately!

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