Our Green Story

Did you know that Karpaz Gate Marina is amongst some of the world’s most sustainable marina resorts?

The resort was developed with a respect for the natural beauty of the unspoilt area in mind. Planning the design of the resort encompassed an eco-friendly approach within the infrastructure.

Today, as a fully operational marina resort, with an on-site 52 cabin nautically themed boutique hotel, outdoor and indoor pool, beach club and bar, hamam, spa and Hemingway’s Resto bar, environmental sensitivity and sustainability are at the heart of all of our operations. Guests are offered a truly immersive experience within this natural marine and countryside setting being surrounding by unspoilt landscape of North Cyprus.

Karpaz Gate Marina Resort is surrounded by the nature of the untouched Karpaz Peninsula, inspiring a sense of freedom and relaxation. When the site was selected for the Resort development, the secluded bay on the northern shores of the north-east pointing peninsula of Cyprus was a natural choice for our resort’s location. With its mostly untouched, large areas of rural, agricultural natural land It remains relativelyundiscovered by many tourists who tend to opt for visiting the busier tourist areas of Cyprus. Karpasia features almost 50 sandy beaches, including Golden Beach – the most remote beach in Cyprus. The pristine, natural environment is home to many inland and marine species, including sea turtles, and the tip of the peninsula is a protected natural heritage area.

To become sustainable in this area, which previously lacked any kind of infrastructure, we needed the resort to be self sufficient in its production of energy. Services such as electricity, water, sewage and waste all had to be specially developed for the location which allowed Karpaz Gate Marina to play a key role in development of the area as a whole. Strong community relations had to be nurtured and continue to be sustained through employment, training, financial contribution to sports and education of the younger generation and usage of local suppliers as much as possible.

Overlooking the first international yacht marina in North Cyprus, our new pampering boutique accommodation combines touches of nautical flair and imaginative design all working in harmony with the resort’s deep affinity with the sea, connection to the environment and respect for the natural beauty of North Cyprus. The hotel’s design and ethos maintain the marina development’s sensitivity to the environment and support sustainability through its choice of ecological materials and accessories.

Vibrant trees and flowers thrive in the on-site nursery, while the vegetable and herb garden and green house provide fresh produce straight to the plate alongside home-made bread and fresh, locally-sourced dairy, fish and meat.

Creating an aquarium in the marina basin, a no fishing rule is in place to protect the wildlife and preserve the crystal-clear water – in support of the protection of the many species which thrive throughout the peninsula, both on land and in the warm, clear waters and sea caves along the coast. We allow only non-motorised water activities at our Beach Club, like kayaks, paddle boards and SUP to minimise water pollution.

Eco-friendly Karpaz Gate Marina has a desalination plant. Water usage is carefully controlled, there are leak detection systems in place and berth holders are metered to encourage minimal water use. We adopt a number of ecological and recycling initiatives. The site includes its own waste water treatment plant which purifies the water and then feeds directly back into a local irrigation system to water the vast local landscape. We encourage our berth holders and visitors participation in helping to support this system by offering black water services free of charge to ensure there are no barriers to adopting the initiative for visitors. We also promote minimal usage of non-recycled materials like plastics and berth holders have easy access to recycling bins.

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Anna Tyc offers intensive vinyasa practice with chanting mantra pranayama meditation and hands on assist.

She is 800h. certified Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher with 300h. of mentorships, which she completed in India and Germany.

For Anna yoga is a spiritual and energetical practice, a journey to selfdiscovery and she aims to share her passion to yoga life style, and make yoga accessible to everyone.

Anna is grateful to all incredible teachers who inspired her path: BNS Iyanger

Mandala Mysore, Gregor Maehle, Monica Gauci ,Richard Freeman, Netta Barnea.


Anna Tyc was born in Warsaw Poland and raised in Berlin Germany, where

she started her journey as a yoga student and teacher.
She is co-founder of High On Yoga Berlin studio, where she is still sharing her practice with Berlin community.
In 2018 Anna relocated to Tel Aviv, Israel where she continues her path as a yoga teacher and student.



Practicing the work of mat is a challenging combination between the movement of Dance, the depth and power of Yoga and the wisdom of the Pilates.

After many years of teaching a diverse range of methods and exploring the world of body and movement, Reut Brandes is revealing a new and expanded repertoire of the body movement.

The Art of mat © introduces us to the tools that will help us understand the complex meaning of the movement, focusing on specific details which allow us to control and improve our abilities.

The goal is to internalize and combine physical sensations that lead to implement the body and soul wisdom.

Reut Brandes is a mat and equipment pilates and Yoga instructor. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree (Hons BA) in dance and movement from the London Contemporary Dance school. Studied and trained with first class teachers in Europe: Alan Herdman studio, Pilates Off the Square, Belsize Studio.

She has extensive experience working with different populations and in recent years has been guiding rehabilitation and movement teams in New York.

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